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Plastic Storage Containers for Sheet Film Development

Plastic Containers for 'Tray Development'   Plastic Containers for 'Tray Development'
These 6-quart Sterilite multi-purpose plastic containers were probably designed to store shoes or food. Who knows...They are very inexpensive and widely available. When you use them, film doesn't move from side to side. Make sure you get the right size for your film.

Pictured above is a 6-quart container with a box of 5x7 and a box of 4x5 film inside. As you can see, the width and length is perfect for both. Because they are deep, rather than wide, there is less oxidation, and you can fully submerge the film with a comparatively smaller volume of solution.

If you develop roll film using a tank and reel, these trays are perfect for final washing. Keep the film on the reel, place the reel inside the tray and fill with water. The film soaks and diffusion does the rest. You can change the water every 1/2 hour or so, until done. This uses less water and makes no noise.