Kenneth Morris Lee

10 3/4 inch Goerz Apochromat Artar Sample Images

These photos were made on 5x7 film, masked to the 4:5 ratio. A 16x20 inch print is a roughly 3x enlargement. For that format, 10 3/4 inches (273mm) is an ideal "portrait" length, similar to the traditional 9-inch lens on 4x5 film (229mm). Photographs taken with lenses of classic portrait length have a subtle sense of intimacy.

The Artar is the parent of other "dialyte" symmetrical process lenses such as the APO Nikkor and APO Ronar. The usability of Artar lenses is further enhanced when they are mounted in-barrel with their original many-bladed iris which gives lovely blur rendition of specular highlights. Dialyte lenses are optimized for close work, but their symmetry ensures that optical corrections are good at all distances. They lack the wide coverage of other designs but are comparatively small and light.